…all those fantastic people helping us along the way, included but not limited to:

Our families for support and understanding we will never be growing up.
Our friends for listening our long & exiting discussion about MEOW! at pubs, garden parties…well, everywhere…
Thom FRÖDE (Imodium) & Jan Zazy ZÁZVŮREK for giving the record awesome sound.
Vojta Kalina & Domča Kruchňová (FlyHigh booking) for helping to spread the MEOW! across the world.
Floyd Erin Vawter for the kickass hand painted cover and Vojtěch Woody Troják for the initial logo idea! Everyone loves it!
Veronika Svátková for helping out with graphic works.
Pipes and Pints for rehearsal room.
Marek Staněk (Mad Rabbits) for having our backs when Vinca is busy with P&P.
Vítek Černík (Mighty Sounds) and Pavel (Slave X One DIY) for trusing us when setting shows for totally unknown band.
Daniel Řezníček, Martin Brož & FOVI prod. for challenging our ideas and organization of shooting days for our first music videos.
Miloš Potužák for first promo photos.
Milan Myšík for kicking our asses at time when MEOW! begin.

…and of course, all these fantastic cats:

Želva, Toník, Mallory, Smítko, Borůvka, Malina, Princezna and Fairy. All of them are awesome! <3

If you feel we forgot to mention you, we most like did, sorry an thanx!