MEOW kluci kapela punk rock růžové pozadí
MEOW! promo photo 2019

MEOW! shows are close to scene where twenty-five cats fights for one food bowl. Pure madness. Energy, emotions, unexpected twists, screaming and catchy singalongs in tones of modern punk-rock. Bandmates are from bands as Pipes & Pints, P:N:S and other bands from Czech scene.

We kicked it off at April 2017 at Prague, Czech Republic, and after few shows all the positive feedbacks, good vibes and energy ignited our passion even more. So, year after, we recorded the first album and it’s coming out exactly two years after our first rehearsal, April 2019! Check it out on Spotify, Apple Music or Deezer.


Legend of Czech vegan and punk scene, servant of 4 cats and without doubt the most calm guy of MEOW!. Animal rights activist, author of 2 books, introvert and fuckin loud and wild drummer! Member of Pipes and Pints, ex-Hanba or ex-Boy and about hundred other bands.


Co-Founder of MEOW! left the previous band to become a clinical psychologist just to found out his soul is sold to demon of rock’n’roll with no way back. Nailed to the XVX, which we all thank for as his ADHD is just enough. Servant of 1 cat of fuzzy gender. Ex-frontman and co-founder of Prague punk and rock bands P:N:S, Tales of Error and Define Me.


Founder of MEOW!, hates sound checks, long distance traveling and studio recordings but loves being the heart of the band. Unsociable introvert, lover of comics books and video games with most evolved movable thumb from the dual shock controller. Servant of 3 cats and the last bandmate without problems with losing hair. Ex-bassist of Define Me, My Own Story.


Perfectionist, with highest score of unsuccessful (but super funny) Tinder dates (which we are secretly glad for, as he has time to write all those cool riffs!). Pretends he never heard of Billy Talent (bad joke, ehm). Owner of 1 plush cat and walking Vans advertisement. Killing time between MEOW! acts by being guitarist for Prague Conspiracy. Ex-Resumé and ex-cute-keyboardist of Maxim Turbulenc. Check it out. Really. Worth it.