MEOW! – Bit of punk, bit of rock’n’roll topped with tun of fun. Enjoy our first kick ass album. Enjoy it as a cat would enjoy scratching your new armchair. And then enjoy it again. And again. Just like the cat!

„Inhale, exhale, go on spit flames for every scar, you let them make.”
„If you want me to be the light of your life you gotta let me shine.“
„Are we the nightmare or a caution?“
„You’ll never take it away!“

About MEOW!

MEOW! shows are close to scene where twenty-five cats fights for one food bowl. Pure madness. Energy, emotions, unexpected twists, screaming and catchy singalongs in tones of modern punk-rock. Bandmates are from bands as Pipes & Pints, P:N:S and other bands from Czech scene.